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When God Makes The Announcement

The four blood moons are a big hit these days, books have been written, documentaries have been created, and the internet is full of warnings about the four blood moons.
The problem I see with all this is that the data used to justify their prophecies have been badly manipulated. You can do the research for yourself on all this. There is plenty of info available if you want to know the truth.
According to Joel 2:31, it is not until after the opening of the 7th seal,
that the wrath of the Lamb actually begins. The world will be fully aware that the time for God’s judgment has arrived. Why then does God himself make the announcement? Why not just start with the final judgment?
Sun and moon will not give up their lights. This MEGA Earthquake will cause volcanic eruptions around the world. Tsunami waves will do their coastal carnage as well. The dark smoke clouds from the volcanic eruptions will quickly travel with the jet stream around the globe to bring this prophesied darkness upon the world. But that’s not all.
How often God pleads for man to repent and man tries to hide!!!!
There is no place to hide from God Almighty. Eventually, we all have to stand before the Creator of the Universe and give account. How good it is to know that Jesus has redeemed us from the wrath of God.