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04.23.2022 – NANO TECHNOLOGY – Part Two | Lesson 11

Ephesians 5:1- 17 (NLT)
2 Corinthians 10:3-5(NLT)
Chuck Swindoll in his daily “Insight for Living” tackles the most important aspect of any study: KNOWLEDGE VERSES WISDOM
“How easy it is to acquire knowledge, yet how difficult and painstaking is the process of gaining wisdom. Man shares knowledge; God gives wisdom. Knowledge comes as we get an education, either by absorbing what the highly educated have to say or by simply gathering information here and there along life’s road. But what about the wisdom that is from above? As you already know, there is no course, no school, no earthly data bank were divine wisdom can be accessed. And unlike knowledge, which can be measured in objective analyses, quantified by exams, and certified by diplomas and degrees, wisdom defies measurement; it is much more subjective, takes far more time to acquire, and has a great deal to do with our attitude.
One can be knowledgeable, yet distant from the living God. But those who are wise know the Lord God by faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, and they also hold Him in awe and respect. ‘Fear of the Lord’ is still the beginning of wisdom as well as the truest indicator of its presence in a person.”

Nano technology used in vaccines:

DARPA funded implantable biochip can potentially be used to deploy Moderna’s mRNA vaccine 10/12/2020 by Franz Walker
“In a bid to try to battle the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-10) pandemic, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is funding the development of an implantable biochip that could be deployed as soon as next year. The chip is said to be able to deploy an experimental new vaccine, developed jointly by Moderna and U.S. government, that could change HUMAN DNA. The chip and the vaccine built on a breakthrough made by then- Harvard University professor and eventual Moderna co-founder Derek Rossi in 2010. In his discovery, which the now-retired scientist says came about purely by accident, Rossi claimed that he found a way to ‘reprogram’ messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) – the molecules that carry genetic instructions for cell development in the human body. The promise provided by Rossi’s breakthrough was such that it allowed him to co-found Moderna with private equity firm Flagship Pioneering. The company then attracted almost half a billion dollars from the federal government to begin developing vaccines using the new technology. In a preliminary report last July funded by the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and the NIH (National Institutes of Health, Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine was found to have ‘induced anti-SARS-CoV-2 immune responses in all participants and no trial-limiting safety concerns were identified.’
Anthony Fauci is the Director of the NIAID since 1984. The twist of the story is found towards the end of the article.
“The deployment, however, of the mRNA vaccine through the biochip is far from a done deal. A current row between Moderna and the federal government looks to possibly derail this and any other deals for the former’s vaccine. Both are currently locked in a battle over who owns the rights to the vaccine. In June, the NIH claimed a joint stake in Moderna’s mRNA vaccine. Here, it cited a contract signed back in December of 2019 that states that ‘mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates are developed and jointly owned’ by both parties.’ Should the courts uphold the technicality, then it could result in the federal government owning a 100 percent stake in Moderna’s mRNA vaccine.”  

January 20, 2020 CDC confirms the first U.S. laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19 in the U.S. from samples taken on January 18 in Washington state.
This info is also found under
One obstacle to the deployment of Moderna’s vaccine is the METHOD OF DELIVERY. Enter ‘Profusa’, which is developing a nanoscale biochip that can detect symptoms of an infection.  Profusa’s biochip is made using a technology called ‘hydrogels’ that were a prodeuct of the ‘In Vivo Nanplatforms (IVN)” program that DARPA’s BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES OFFICE launched in 2014 to develop implantable nanotechnologies. These hydrogels are soft, flexible nanomachines that are injected beneath the skin to perform monitoring. This hydrogel includes a specially engineered molecule that sends a fluorescent signal outside the body when it begins to fight infection. This signal can then be detected by a sensor attached to the skin that can then be sent to an app or even to a doctor’s website. When it was first tested in 2018, this hydrogel was being used to measure glucose, oxygen and lactate levels. However, this past March, the company quietly announced that it was conducting a study to see if the technology could be used to detect respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. More importantly, Profusa’s biochip is expected to receive fast-track authorization from the FDA by early 2021. With this in mind, some are speculating that the biochip will more than likely be the candidate for the mRNA delivery.” “As early as 2006, DARPA was already researching how to identify viral, upper respiratory pathogens through its Predicting Health and Disease (PHD) program, which led to the creation of the agency’s Biological Technologies Office (BTO), as reported by Whitney Webb in a May article for The Last American Vagabond. In 2014, DARPA’s BTO launched its “In Vivo Nanoplatforms” (IVN) program, which researches implantable nanotechnologies, leading to the development of ‘hydrogel’. Once firmly implanted inside the body, human cells are at the mercy of any mRNA program delivered via this substrate, unleashing a nightmare of possibilities. It is, perhaps, the first true step towards full-on transhumanism; a “philosophy” that is in vogue with many powerful and influential people, such as Google’s Ray Kurzweil and Eric Schmidt and whose proponents see the fusion of technology and biology as an inevitable consequence of human progress. The private company created to market this technology, that allows for biological processes to be controlled remotely and opens the door to the potential manipulation of our biological responses and, ultimately, our entire existence, is called Profusa Inc and its operations are funded with millions from NIH and DARPA. In March, the company was quietly inserted into the crowded COVID-19 bazaar in March 2020, when it announced an injectable biochip for the detection of viral respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.” 

While C.S. Lewis had no idea about nanotechnology and how it can and certainly will be used against humanity, he did have however a great understanding and God’s wisdom where men is heading in the near future. The Abolition of Man (1943) the subtitle is very intriguing: Reflections on education with special reference to the teaching of English in the upper forms of schools.
“What we call Man’s power over Nature turns out to be a power exercise by some men over other men with Nature as its instrument…Man’s conquest of Nature, if the dreams of some scientific planners are realized, means the rule of a few hundreds of men over billions upon billions of men. There neither is nor can be any simple increase of power on Man’s side. Each new power won by man is a power over man as well. Each advance leaves him weaker as well as stronger. In every victory, besides being the general who triumphs, he is also the prisoner who follows the triumphal car…..Man’s final conquest has proved to be the abolition of Man.”

Near the beginning of the book, the amoral driving force behind the project, Lord Feverstone, says to one of the central characters, sociologist Mark Studdock; “But it is the main question of the moment; which side one’s on – obscurantism or Order…If Science is really given a free hand it can now take over the human race and re-condition it; make man a really efficient animal. If it doesn’t – well, we’re done.”
Feverstone goes on to say: Man has got to take charge of Man. That means, remember, that some men have got to take charge of the rest…Quite simple and obvious things, at first – sterilization of the unfit, liquidation of backward races……selective breeding. Then real education, including pre-natal education. By real education I mean one that has no ‘take it or leave it’ nonsense. A real education makes the patient what it wants infallibly; whatever he or his parents try to do about it. Of course, it will have to be mainly psychological at first. But we’ll get on to biological conditioning in the end and direct manipulation of the brain… It’s the real thing at last. A new type of man; and it’s people like you who’ve got to begin to make him.”
“The Rise of Nanotoxicology: A SIDS Case Study” March 18, 2022
“Nanomaterials are innovating a myriad of industrial sectors, but the consequences of their exposure to our health are yet to be fully determined. AZONANO speaks with Dr. Gatti, a pioneer in the field of nanotoxicology about her involvement in new research that examines a possible link between nanoparticle exposure and sudden infant death syndrome.
Question: Despite increasing research evidence of the risk of nanoparticle exposure, nanotoxicology analysis is yet to be routine practice in healthcare systems. Why is this?
Answer: “If it is true that nanotechnologies are an application of great interest of what science produced, especially economic interest, it is equally valid that nanotoxicology is its unpleasant downside. Nanotechnology applications shouldn’t have unpleasant side effects. Although it is possible to keep certain aspects of an existing problem hidden from general perception, it is impossible to keep them hidden forever. Inevitably, the general public will realize how the particles used in the nanotechnology field can induce pathologies that can be very serious. The moment in which we find ourselves is that the attempts to conceal these facts are larger than the investment into researching them.”

2 Corinthians 2:11 ESV
So that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs (schemes)
2 Corinthians 2:11 NLT
so that Satan will not outsmart us.  For we are familiar with his evil schemes.