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In the parable of the “Wicked Tenants” the Jewish leaders did understand what Jesus said…

In the parable of the “Wicked Tenants” the Jewish leaders did understand what Jesus said, but responded: ”Surely not!” Jesus than quotes Psalm 118:22-24 but extends the metaphor beyond the failing to appreciate something of such great value! What does it mean?
Once again, thanks for all the answers and some questions. It is a great blessing to me personally to know that you have spent time in the Word of God and have discussed the questions throughout the week with fellow believers.
Here is a summary of the answers given: one person answered: “Jesus expands the metaphor in verse 18 those who fall on Jesus will be saved and those who do not will be crushed. In Psalm 118:22-24 it states that this is the work of the Lord and is marvelous in our eyes, to which their reply of “surely not” cemented their unbelief. Also it is explained in Isaiah 28:16 – the Pharisees would have had to know that this cornerstone was precious, a sure foundation. Also Isaiah 8:14 speaks of this precious stone as a sanctuary for believers, but a rock of offense to the House of Israel and a trap and a snare for the inhabitant of Jerusalem. All those who reject Jesus will ultimately be crushed by Him.
Another person answered: “Thank you so much for the question this week! Understanding the parable was key, God is the landowner, the vineyard is Israel, the tenants are the Jewish religious leaders, the landowner servants are the prophets who remain obedient and preached God’s word to the people, the son is Jesus and the other tenants are Gentiles.
I can feel this story in my life today as a believer now, who knows the truth, how a lot of our “doctrine-based” churches rule over their people. Seems like growth in the people’s hearts scares them. Rules of following synods and dioceses seems to be more important than the simplicity of the good news!
I read about some history on how the Pharisees and Sadducees had gradually added to the traditions and customs and became their laws and not God’s. When Jesus came they accused him of breaking their laws. Which his the stumbling block to so many, even today!”
Another person answered: “Ephesians 2:19-22 speaks of Jesus as the cornerstone the foundation of the church. 1 Peter 2:1-8 talks about believers coming to the living stone that was rejected by men but chosen by God and precious. That we as believers are set apart righteous before God through Jesus Christ.
But what I am wondering is at the end of the parable of the wicked tenants in Luke 20:18 it says that whoever the stone falls on it will grind him to powder. Is this speaking of when Jesus comes back to reign as King of Kings?
Let’s first go back to the question: While the leaders clearly understood what Jesus was saying; they did respond with: THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! (modern phraseology)
Jesus clearly states that the tenants hatch a plan when they see the son of the owner appear on the horizon. They “think” that killing to son will give them access to the estate. In other words, they believe that lawlessness would work on their behalf – evil would pay out big time. Not so with God. Evil never pays out a good dividend.
Jesus asked the audience at the end of his story the question: WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THOSE TENANTS WHO KILL THE SON TO GET HIS INHERITANCE? They replied: DESTROY THOSE MURDERERS. Then Jesus states that eternal condemnation will be certain but on top of that the owner will give the vineyard to others. The “others” in this story is the Church which is yet to come into existence. No wonder Jesus quotes Psalm 118:22-24 which they all knew very well. That which had the greatest value, THE CORNERSTONE, was rejected by those Pharisees because they considered that cornerstone to be worthless. Ultimately, it became the most important stone of all.