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to have minds for the Lord Jesus,
hearts for the truth, and
hands that are skilled to the task.

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Your Heavenly Father Knows

The Book of Revelation is primarily about REDEMPTION, RESTORATION, not about DESTRUCTION.
The first horse, white in color, will bring a false peace upon this earth, a man-made peace that cannot endure for long. The second horse, a fiery red one in color, will bring wars upon this earth.
So what is the significance of the DENARIUS in Revelation 6:6?
The scales in the hand of the one who rides the black horse are EVENLY BALANCED by the DENARIUS, which is a picture of Jesus payment for each people group, the Wheat and Barley, on each side of the Scales. The word translated “Scales” means “Yoke”, such as the yoke used on oxen to keep balance.
Now Revelation 6:6b makes sense: …And do not harm the oil and the wine. Protect those who are my anointed ones, those who have been blood washed under the NEW COVENANT.
We have been weighed in balances, Jesus paid for us with his death and we are protected by His Spirit and His Blood. The Black horse in Revelation is the Horse of the Harvest.