COMMITTED to train men and women
to have minds for the Lord Jesus,
hearts for the truth, and
hands that are skilled to the task.

04.27.2022 – FREEDOM HAS IT’S PRICE – Lesson 12

Luke 13:22-25
Ephesians 3:10
Jeremiah 12:1-5
 2 Chronicles 20:12
Vasily Zhukovsky (Christian poet)
“We all have crosses to bear, and we are constantly trying on different ones for a good fit.”

Erwin Lutzer “We Will Not Be Silenced”
“Don’t solve problems; use them! That’s how a coworker of Saul Alinsky described the philosophy of the famous radical community organizer in Chicago. Alinsky is the author of the book ‘Rules for Radicals, which he dedicated to ‘Lucifer……the first radical….who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.’ Alinsky died in 1976, but his handbook is still followed by the radical left in their quest to fundamentally transform America. I happened to meet one of Alinsky’s coworkers while my wife and I were vacationing in Colorado. In the early 1970, this man joined Alinsky with a desire to help impoverished communities in Chicago. He said Alinsky blocked any such plans because he saw such problems as opportunities to push his political and economic agendas. According to David Horowitz, when Alinsky would ask community organizers why they were joining him, they would say ‘to help the poor and the oppressed.’ Then Alinsky would scream, ‘NO, YOU WANT TO ORGANIZE FOR POWER. Alinsky agreed with the leftist organization STUDENTS FOR DEMOCARTIC SOCIETY, which affirmed, ‘The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution!’ Stir up discontent. Use problems, Create guilt.”
Lianne Laurance wrote an article dated November 10, 2020 titled:
“Indeed, to the extent that implementing the transhumanist agenda is possible, it requires the concentration of political and economic power in the hands of a global elite and the dependence of people on the state, said Lukacs. That’s precisely the aim of the Great Reset, promoted by German economist Klaus Schwab, CEO and founder of World Economic Forum, along with billionaire “philanthropists” George Soros and Bill Gates and other owners, managers, and shareholders of Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Finance who meet at the WEF retreats at Davos, Switzerland, contended Lukacs. Transhumanism is far from a benign doctrine. Rather, it is at complete enmity with Christianity. Transhumanists take science as their religion and believe in a philosophy of “absolute relativism” that claims that individuals can change reality at will, and they seek to “relativize the human being” and “turn it into a putty that can be modified or molded to our taste and our desire and by rejecting those limits nature or God have placed on us.” Transhumanism therefore requires “the destruction of “the Judeo-Christian morality, which is based on absolute principles and values.” Those raising alarm about the Great Reset often overlook the crucial role of technology in the plans of the meta-capitalists, contended Lukacs, who has Ph.D. in management from the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) from the University of Manchester. The COVID-19 pandemic was “just another social engineering project deliberately planned and implemented by predatory meta capitalism to achieve the ultimate end: redefining and reconfiguring the human nature and condition. “I have the firm conviction that this pandemic has been manufactured and its purpose is none other than to initiate, as they say, or implement the Great Reset,” which will open the door to the advancement of the transhumanist agenda, he said. Indeed, WEF’s Schwab has been promoting the Great Reset as a way to “harness the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” a term he coined, which, he declared in January 2016, “will affect the very essence of our human experience.” Schwab described the Fourth Industrial Revolution then as “a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines among the physical, digital and biological spheres,” Lukacs said. Those technologies include genetic engineering such as CRISPR genetic editing, artificial intelligence (A.I.), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, and quantum computing. “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is nothing other than the implementation of transhumanism on a global level,” emphasized Lukacs.
Dr. Patrick Lin ‘Ethics of Human Enhancement”
‘Some see it as a way to fulfill or even transcend our potential; others see it as a darker path towards becoming Frankenstein’s monster.’
We have a great example in C.S. Lewis “The Abolition of Man”
“The last men, far from being the heirs of power, will be of all men most subject to the dead hand of the great planners and conditioners and will themselves exercise least power upon the future…The final stage [will have] come when Man, by eugenics, by pre-natal conditioning, and by an education and propaganda based on a perfect applied psychology … shall have ‘taken the thread of life out of the hand of Clotho’ [one of the Three Fates] and be henceforth free to make our species whatever we wish it to be. The battle will indeed be won. But who, precisely, will have won it?” 

William Shirer, in his book “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” writes:
“I would be misleading to give the impression that the persecution of Protestants and Catholics by the Nazi State tore the German people asunder or even greatly aroused the vast majority of them. It did not. A people who had so lightly given up their political and cultural and economic freedoms were not, except for a relatively few, going to die or even risk imprisonment to preserve freedom of worship. What really aroused the German in the Thirties were the glittering successes of Hitler in providing jobs, creating prosperity, restoring Germany’s military might, and moving from one triumph to another in his foreign policy. Not many Germans lost much sleep over the arrest of a few thousand pastors and priests or over the quarreling of the various Protestant sects. And even fewer paused to reflect that under the leadership of Rosenberg, Bormann, and Himmler, who were backed by Hitler, the Nazi regime intended eventually to destroy Christianity in Germany, if it could, and substitute the old paganism of the early tribal Germanic gods and the new paganism of the Nazi extremists. As Bormann, one of the men closest to Hitler, said publicly in 1941, ‘National socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable.’”

In April 1945, amid the ruins of a defeated Germany, Helmut Thielicke, a German theologian and pastor, preached to his congregation in Stuttgart about what just transpired;
Thielicke said that the cross of Christ had been neglected and thus the church was blinded to Germany’s militarism.
Then Thielicke goes on to list the some of the mistakes the church of Germany was guilty of:
• That this people should imagine that it believes in God, whereas they are the victim of the devil and his shimmering soap bubbles.
• That this people should proceed with fanatical energy to solve economic, social, and political problems, and in solving these problems overlook or simply ignore the fact that first and foremost we need a Redeemer, who would set straight the deepest basis of our personal lives.
• That we did not calculate the factor that is called ‘God’ in our plans and therefore fell victims to megalomania.
• That we ignored that monumental call, ‘I am the Lord your God….You shall have no other gods before Me’, and hence landed in a giddy ecstasy of power worship that brought the whole world against us.
• That we ceased to trust ourselves to the miracle of God’s guidance, and therefore we put our faith instead in miracle weapons that never came.
• That we no longer knew that God is in heaven and man is on earth, and thus we lost all sense of the proportions of life and consequently were stricken with blindness in purely external political and military relationships.
At the end of his sermon, Thielicke came to the heart of the matter: “Denying God and casting down the cross is never a merely private decision that concerns only my own inner life and my personal salvation, but this denial immediately brings the most brutal consequences for the whole of historical life and especially for our own people. ‘God is not mocked.’ The history of the world can tell us terrible tales based on that text. The worship of success is generally the form of idol worship the devil cultivates most assiduously. We observed in the first years after 1933 the almost suggestive compulsion that emanates from great successes and how under the influence of these successes even Christians stopped asking in whose name and at what price they were achieved…..SUCCESS IS the greatest narcotic of all.”