COMMITTED to train men and women
to have minds for the Lord Jesus,
hearts for the truth, and
hands that are skilled to the task.

02.02.2022 – GIANT PROBLEM | Lesson 1

Joel Garreau “Radical Evolution”
We are at an inflection point in history. We are engineering the next stage of human evolution. Through advances in Genetics, Robotics, Information and Nano Technologies, we are altering our minds, our memories, our metabolisms, our personalities, our progeny- and perhaps our very souls.

Stewart E. Kelly “Truth Considered & Applied: Examining Postmodernism, History, and Christian Faith” (2011)
“Christians are people of hope. We long for the day when the kingdom of God will be fully revealed, when Jesus will return in glory, and when death itself will be conquered. This is our hope, the hope of Christians past and present.”
Carl Teichrib “Game of Gods”
Forecasting the future is risky business. We experience the now, can peer into the past, but the future remains murky. We see through a glass dimly. The practical means of considering tomorrow, then, is to decipher historical patterns and trends. Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, precisely because the past frames our present. This also means our future pulls from the back-story. Patterns exist. Foundations have been laid and pieces are being assembled. What, then, does the future entail as we erect this Temple of Man?
Might Oneness be institutionalized into a world union? Could we see a substantially reformed United Nations, or maybe a new body, to supersede the aging assembly? Will this represent a practical synthesis of East and West, of mysticism and management? How will transhumanism be embodied? What are we willing to trade for the fruit of technological assimilation and its promise of near-immortality? Are we drinking in elixir to a better life, or ripping the lid from Pandora’s box? Might our digital tools, wrapping the world in an ever tightening web, become the definitive vehicle for coexistence, and interconnection?

Will we give up autonomy for hive-mind convenience; that Marxist dream of perfect productivity as the means to equality? This portends a revolutionary period. In that case, will our digital tools be used as silicon bludgeons to beat into submission those who question the prevailing ideology?

What will techno-oneness look like?
I am reminded of a workshop attended while I was at Burning Man, 2018. The subject was artificial intelligence, crypto-currencies and psychedelic spirituality. The discussion was led by a major personality in the field of smart contracts, and digital governance was on the table. Implied was a new civilization built on four interlocking blocks:

A new spirituality inspired by shamanic techniques
The new ethos being constructed, in real-time, at Burning Man
A digital means of exchange, tied into and validating the new social contract
Artificial intelligence as the management system. Being described as a scalable, techno-pagan, social-spiritual synthesis

How will our new myths unravel? As we embrace the gospel of global citizenship with its stipulation of planetary loyalty, what will we sacrifice in service to Gaia? Pagan practices of old conjure gruesome images. Will we find ourselves looking down from the blood soaked platform of a Mayan temple, or see children sacrificed in the fire-red arms of Molech? Might we legitimize such morbid rites of fertility and seasonal cycles? NO. We are too sophisticate for such primitivism; just ask any one of the 50 million human babies aborted EVERY YEAR.Are there comparative differences between the two? Of course: this is not argued. Abortion, nevertheless, is absolutely recognized as a means to maintain Earth’s sustainability.
In fact, during the Global Citizenship 2000 Youth Congress, Robert Muller boasted how policies he helped to develop had PREVENTED THE BIRTHS OF 2.2 BILLION CHILDREN – for the sake of Mother Earth. Maybe the two, Molech and the modern world are not so far removed after all.”
“A more supernatural angle must also be considered. Are we approaching a future in which the Pagan deities of ancient times become more to us than just symbols of nature and enlightenment? The Bible, a book revealing the supernatural world, outlines the fact that unholy entities exist. Christians accept the supernatural reality of God, and we acknowledge that satanic hosts are active – that Satan was the accuser before Job in the Old Testament, and that the Devil is like a lion searching for prey – but as products of modern thinking, we tend to downplay the serious nature of Pagan spirituality as found in Scriptures. If the Pagan past is being conjured to project our future, then we face a troubling thought: THAT THE SPIRITUAL PERSONALITIES WHO ENCHANTED THE MINDS OF MEN THEN MAY HAVE A ROLE IN RE-ENCHANTING US NOW.”

Michael Heiser “Unseen Realm”

“The reason ought to be obvious. The context for the statement is the resurrection, which refers either broadly to the afterlife or, more precisely, to the final, renewed global Eden. The point is clear in either option. In the spiritual world, the realm of divine beings, there is no need for procreation. Procreation is part of the embodied world and is necessary to maintain the physical population. In like manner, life in the perfected Edenic world also does not require maintaining the human species by having children – EVERYONE HAS AN IMMORTAL RESURRECTION BODY. Consequently, there is no need for sex in the resurrection, just as there is no need for it in the nonhuman spiritual realm.”
“There is a second supernaturalist approach to Genesis 6:1-4 that takes the sexual language as euphemistic, not literal. In this perspective, the language of cohabitation is used to convey the idea that divine beings who are rivals to Yahweh are responsible for producing the Nephilim, and therefore are responsible for the later giant clans. This approach uses Yahweh’s relationship to Abraham and Sarah as an analogy. While there is no suggestion of a sexual relationship between an embodied Yahweh and Sarah to produce Isaac and, therefore, the Israelites, it is nonetheless true that the Israelites came about through supernatural intervention. In that sense, Yahweh, “fathered” Israel. The means God used to enable Abraham and Sarah to have a child are never described in the Bible, but Scripture is clear that divine intervention of some sort was necessary. The Bible’s silence on the nature of the supernatural intervention opens the door to the idea that other rival gods produced offspring to oppose Yahweh’s children. This belief on the part of the biblical writers became the rationale for the extermination of certain people groups in Canaan. Either the giant clans are the result of literal cohabitation, or the sexual language is merely a vehicle to communicate the idea that, as Yahweh was responsible for the Israelites’ existence, so the giant clans existed because of some sort of supernatural intervention of rival gods. BOTH APPROACHES THEREFORE PRESUME THAT THE NEPHILIM AND THE SUBSEQUENT GIANT CLANS HAD A SUPERNATURAL ORIGIN, BUT THEY DISAGREE ON THE MEANS.”

POISONER IN CHIEF , subtitled: “Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA search for  mind control” authored by Stephen Kinzler
“The visionary chemist Sidney Gottlieb was the CIA’s master magician and gentle-hearted torturer – the Agency’s “poisoner in chief,” As head of the MK-ULTRA mind control project, he ran brutal experiments at secret prisons on three continents. He made pills, powders, and potions that could kill or maim without a trace. He paid prostitutes to lure clients to CIA-run bordellos, where they were dosed with LSD and other drugs. For years he was the chief supplier of spy tools used by CIA officers around the world.”

Carlos Moreira & David Fergusson “THE TRANS HUMAN CODE”
“It is easy to lose sight of our preeminence in the grand ecosystem – especially during an era in which it is tempting to lean on technology to lead us into the future we desire. Do we really believe that technology p technology that we created, mind you – can become more complex and necessary than we are? Can the created ever really supersede its creator?
It’s a question you have to answer for yourself. We all do. And together, we must collectively decide if we are building a better future for humanity with the help of magnificent technology……or building a future of better technology at the expense of humanity. There’s really no simpler way to put it. The future is still in our hands. But a future is possible in which we are not in control. There would be no one to blame but ourselves.
We’ve actually been down a similar road before, and it didn’t turn out well. We collectively chose wrong – or, better said, we didn’t choose right soon enough. We didn’t put humanity first, elevating promises of technology instead. WE LED TECHNOLOGY LEAD US, AND IT LED US ASTRAY. This seemingly subtle oversight altered our lives for the worse, forever.”
Roentgen discovered X-rays. His discovery was the precursor to French chemist Pierre and Marie Curie discovering radioactivity three years later.
In the decade following the Curie’s discovery , New Zealand physicist Ernest Rutherford and English radiochemist Frederick Soddy discovered that the radioactivity in uranium was the result of atoms splitting. These three discoveries alone – X-rays, radioactivity, and splitting atoms – catapulted the role of technology forward throughout the world which in turn changed the course of human history for good, and because we weren’t vigilant, for bad.
In our excitement to race into the future, our predecessors rode the wave of technology all the way to an irreversible threat called nuclear war. This realization prompted Einstein to eventually lament, ‘IT HAS BECOME APPALLINGY OBVIOUS THAT OUR TECHNOLOGY HAS EXCEEDED OUR HUMANITY.’
The plot looks different today, but the stakes are no less momentous than they were when X-rays and atom splitting were discovered. Humanity is, once again, faced with choosing to play either the protagonist or antagonist in its own story – a story for which the conclusion has not yet been written.
The wave of advances preceding our current technological crest is just as noteworthy as the one during the turn of the 20th century – from Robert Metcalfe’s first Ethernet (1973) and Cerf and Kan’s first Internet (1975) to Jobs and Wozniak’s first personal computer (1976) and Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web (1990). These thrilling advancements spawned the first browser, the first search engine, the first social network, the first smartphone, and the first app.
Technology is now accelerating further, with developments like virtual reality, blockchain, digital currency, artificial intelligence, and robots.
Once again, we’re at a tipping point, with a decision to make before atomic damage is done. We cannot afford to be naïve again.” “While some believe artificial intelligence is the god of the future, we believe that if this is true, AI is a god we must humanize; we are still creating a world for us, not technology, to thrive. Therefore, when we speak of TRANS HUMAN future, and in particular, when we use the phrase TRANS HUMAN CODE, we do so only as a nod to the reality that humanity as we know it IS BEING TRANSFORMED BY TECHNOLOGY.”