COMMITTED to train men and women
to have minds for the Lord Jesus,
hearts for the truth, and
hands that are skilled to the task.

Sermons by Pastor Ernest Amstalden (Page 43)

Do You Understand The World You Live In?

For Judas, truth did not matter at all, money did. He loved money more than he loved Jesus. Judas believed that the world he lived in offered him more than what Jesus had to offer. He did not know nor did he understand the world he was living in. That’s not an excuse for his action, it is simply an honest evaluation of what influenced this man when making life-decision. The world we live in evaluates life-styles not based upon if it’s true or false, but rather by asking IS IT FAIR? How do you live? The World we live in has replaced Truth with fairness. The World we live in has replaced Truth with mysticism. Jesus prayed for unity among his true followers. Not between his followers and those who have replaced truth with fairness or truth with mysticism.

Medicine for Heart Trouble

John 14:1-31 1. The Promise of a HEAVENLY HOME John 14:1-6 Romans 8:18 2. The Promise of KNOWING THE HEAVENLY FATHER John 14:7-11 Philippians 3:10-11 3. The Promise of THE PRIVILEGE OF PRAYER John 14:12-15 Psalm 66:18 Philippians 4:6-7 4. The Promise of THE HOLY SPIRIT John 14:16-18 5. The Promise of THE FATHER’S LOVE John 14:19-24 6. The Promise of THE…