We welcome you to our Church Family
and invite you to actively participate
in worshipping our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

AWANA is an international children’s program offered by Victory Christian Fellowship. It is a core level ministry that is designed to disciple children. The AWANA name comes from the Bible in 2 Timothy 2:15 which says:“Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.”
All clubs meet at 6:15 — 8:00 pm
Every Wednesday the children should wear their shirt we provide and bring their handbook and their own Bible.
They assemble in the Game Room before Opening Ceremony.

How do I register?

Come to any club night and register at the secretaries desk.


There are no costs involved. We are blessed to make the clubs available to all children that wish to be a part.

Picking up your child?

All clubbers must be picked up by parents or an authorized adult at the end of the club meeting in their class rooms.

Each night is divided into three sections

Game Time

This offers clubbers the opportunity to
participate as team members in physical activities which can help develop team spirit, good sportsmanship, coordination skills and have a lot of fun!

Small Group Time

This is a group of 5-10 clubbers with their leaders in which they will work on their handbook to learn scripture and use multiple senses and learning methods to remember God’s Word. Every week you will have the opportunity to help your child with the Bonus box which is an optional fun activity you can do with your child that will pertain to that weeks’ lesson! This is great chance for your child to build relationships and grow together spiritually with their peers. Kids learn about who God is, what the Bible is, who Jesus is and how to live out their faith.

Large Group Time

This includes a large group lesson that goes hand in hand with small group, but diving deeper and using various forms of media to further drive home the scripture memory, what the scripture actually means and how they can apply it to their life today. This is where awards will be given and announcements made for future events.

Hello Parents!

What an exciting year we have planned this year at Awana for your child/children. Awana has changed up some of the curriculum, so if you see a different format and designs in the book don’t worry! We are very excited about the changes! All clubbers will be working at the same pace and really digging deep into the meaning of the scripture memory verse. So what can we do as parents, you ask? We would love for you to ask your clubbers what they learned that night and go over the scripture memory verse with your child. Children love sharing what they are learning to those they love most!
We are hoping to stay in contact with you through our Facebook group- AWANA in Jewell @ Victory Christian Fellowship, so send us a friend request. This is a closed group so no one who is not in Awana can see anything. We thought it would be a great way to post announcements (such as closed for snow or ice), pictures and be able to give you an easy way to contact us if needed! Thanks for allowing us teach your children and would love to see you on a Wednesday Night if you want to join your clubber and see how everything rolls. We are always available to your family and love the opportunity this year to get to know you and your child better this upcoming year!
For His Glory,
Commander Tony Streigle
Building lives together